If you live in Fort Worth, TX, or the surrounding area, you know that keeping your air conditioner running properly and efficiently can be a challenge. But did you know that there are some simple steps you can take to save on costly AC repairs? 

We’ve put together a list of expert tips from local HVAC contractors that will help keep your cooling system running smoothly and help reduce repair costs. Read on to learn more about how to save on the cost involved with AC repair in Fort Worth, TX.

1) Regularly Change Your Air Filter: Keeping your air filter clean and changing it regularly is essential for the efficient operation of your cooling system and helps extend the life of the unit. Check your filter once a month and replace it when necessary. 

2) Schedule Regular Maintenance: Having your cooling system serviced regularly is one of the best ways to keep it running efficiently. A trained HVAC technician can spot potential problems before they become costly to repair bills. Make sure you have regular maintenance done each year, either at the start or end of the cooling season depending on what type of climate you live in. 

3) Check Your Refrigerant Levels: If your air conditioner is not running as efficiently as it should be, low refrigerant levels may be to blame. Have an HVAC contractor come out and check for leaks and refill the refrigerant if needed. This simple task can help improve energy efficiency and reduce wear-and-tear on the system. 

4) Check for Leaks: Leaking refrigerant can be a major cause of AC repair bills in Fort Worth, TX. Have an HVAC professional come out to check your air conditioning unit for any signs of leaks and have them sealed off if found. This will help keep your system running efficiently and reduce costly repairs down the road. 

5) Invest in Energy Efficient Units: If you’re looking to replace your air conditioner, investing in an ENERGY STAR-certified model is a great way to save money on energy costs over time as well as reduce repair bills due to its superior efficiency. Make sure you consider all your options when choosing a new system for your home. Schedule an AC tune-up near Fort Worth, TX, and ask your HVAC contractor for advice on the best system and energy efficiency ratings.

Following these simple tips can help you save on costly AC repair bills in Fort Worth, TX, and keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long. For more information about AC repair services or to know the AC installation cost in Fort Worth, TX, contact Temp Pro Mechanical Inc. at (972) 504-2079.